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Research & development and consultancy services

Coupled with DCE’s engineering consultancy experience, and the agility of a small team, DCE investigates customers’ problems and advises on solutions

The engineering team at DCE has been involved in applied research and development (R&D) since 2002. R&D expertise has enabled DCE to develop its own Marionette™ Universal Control System and to apply and adapt this technology to provide a competitive advantage to industry and governments.

DCE advises on unmanned ground vehicle design, such as gearbox and drive options, and is also capable of creating other systems related to their vehicle and other work.

Reducing the risks

While the rewards can be high, the process of technological innovation – of which R&D is the first phase – is complex and risky. DCE works with its customers to spread the R&D risk and work towards finding the answer to the problem.

DCE recognises that the objective of research is to obtain new knowledge, applicable to the customer’s needs. Successful R&D delivers new or improved products and/or systems that increase the customer’s operational safety and efficiency.

Bespoke prototypes

DCE develops the knowledge gained through their research and produces innovative, bespoke products and systems, including the design and build of prototypes and processes, determining their feasibility.

Their engineering converts these prototypes into products that are offered to the market.

Projects & Case Studies

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