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X Series

DCE’s X Series is a range of high capability, affordable, tracked all-terrain unmanned ground vehicles

Key to the success of the X Series is its affordability, robot operating system interface, the flexibility to configure to customer requirements and extended missions capability due to its low power sleep mode feature.

Fitted with a low latency control system, X Series unmanned ground vehicles can carry up to 250kg, tow 3 tonnes and handle deep mud, desert sands, steep slopes, rubble and stairs. The X Series’ top deck is configurable, making the vehicles completely versatile and easily adapted to numerous applications in the military, nuclear and agricultural spheres.

X Series vehicles can be supplied as tele-operated platforms or with a robotic operating system interface to facilitate development and testing of autonomous systems. They can be remotely controlled or fully autonomous. Stand-by mode allows multi-week dormancy periods, so vehicles can be deployed in remote areas for immediate response.

X2 & X3 by Digital Concepts Engineering

With appropriate equipment fitted, X Series vehicles are ideal platforms for:

  • CBRN incidence response
  • disinfecting
  • explosive ordnance disposal
  • grass/brush cutting for extreme terrain
  • improvised explosive device detection
  • medivac
  • mine clearance
  • off-road mobility
  • perimeter or border patrol
  • surveillance
  • submersible applications
  • weapon platform
  • weed-spraying and weed-wiping

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