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DCE’s innovative products have all been developed and built in-house

  • Marionette™Universal control system at the heart of DCE’s unmanned ground vehicles, and enabling all other vehicle conversion
  • X Series All-terrain, tracked family of unmanned ground vehicles
  • UGV Operator Course The four-day course combines theory, legal, and real-world experience with hands-on practical demonstrations

Marionette™ Universal Control Unit

Rapidly converts existing vehicles to UGVs

Marionette™ is the universal control system designed and built by DCE. It provides bolt-on, low latency external control to a diverse range of vehicles and equipment. Marionette™ has been successfully deployed on vehicles weighing 250kg – 30,000kg.

X-Series UGV

For getting the job done in places people should not do

DCE’s X Series is a range of high capability, affordable, tracked all-terrain unmanned ground vehicles. Key to the success of the X Series is its affordability, robot operating system interface, the flexibility to configure to customer requirements and extended missions capability due to its low power sleep mode feature.

UGV Operator Training

Critical for Health and Safety compliance

The safe and effective operation of a remote controlled UGV is a function of the operator’s skill and understanding of the vehicle’s capabilities. The package teaches the underlying technology of remote controlled UGV’s as well as the practical side of operating the vehicle.

Projects & Case Studies

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