Innovative engineering for the world’s most challenging sectors

Digital Concepts Engineering specialises in the design, development and production of robotic control systems and unmanned vehicles

Keeping people out of harm's way

The world is full of hazardous working environments endangering worker’s safety and health. DCE’s robotic and remotely controlled technology enables machines to go into risky locations, work with toxic materials/atmospheres, and undertake tasks that would be difficult, dangerous and potentially unhealthy.

DCE’s solutions and products are currently used across defence, nuclear, health and agriculture sectors but have wide applicability into aligned sectors where keeping people out of harm’s way is a constant challenge.

The MarionetteUniversal Control System is at the heart of DCE’s solutions. Learn more about how its application has enabled autonomous working across a range of sectors on the case studies pages.

Our range of products

DCE’s innovative products have all been developed and built in-house


Universal Control System at the heart of DCE’s UGVs

X Series

All-terrain, tracked family of UGVs


Self-driving hospital beds

Social Distancing Sensors

Users maintain a safe distance from other users

Research & development and consultancy services

The engineering team at DCE has been involved in applied research and development (R&D) since 2002. R&D expertise has enabled DCE to develop its own Marionette™ Universal Control System and to apply and adapt this technology to provide a competitive advantage to industry and governments.

Coupled with DCE’s engineering consultancy experience, and the agility of a small team, DCE investigates customers’ problems and advises on solutions.

Variety of markets

DCE’s products are used across defence, nuclear, health and agriculture sectors.


Government defence agencies, laboratories, prime contractors and industry partners


Nuclear agencies and industry associates


National/private health services and equipment manufacturers


Universities and agronomy businesses

Projects & Case Studies

Check out the case studies pages to find out how DCE solves client problems, including the game-changing autonomous FV510 Warrior for the British Army's 2018 Army Warfighting Experiment

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