DCE range of products

DCE’s innovative products have all been developed and built in-house

  • Marionette™ – universal control system at the heart of DCE’s unmanned ground vehicles
  • Helios Self-driving hospital beds
  • Social Distancing Sensors Users maintain a safe distance from other users
  • X Series All-terrain, tracked family of unmanned ground vehicles


Marionette™ is the universal control system designed and built by DCE. It provides bolt-on, low latency external control to a diverse range of vehicles and equipment. Marionette™ has been successfully deployed on vehicles weighing 250kg – 30,000kg.

X Series

DCE’s X Series is a range of high capability, affordable, tracked all-terrain unmanned ground vehicles. Key to the success of the X Series is its affordability, robot operating system interface, the flexibility to configure to customer requirements and extended missions capability due to its low power sleep mode feature.


DCE’s team has designed Helios, a system enabling robotic, self-driving hospital beds, combined with social distancing sensors, to safeguard hospital staff when moving infectious patients around hospitals.

Social-distancing sensors

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, DCE has developed a wearable sensor system to warn people when they are too close to another person, especially in enclosed workplace spaces such as shops, offices, factories and warehouses.

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